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Residential Services

We cater to a range of Residential property maintenance services and our clients love the professional service and even more so the trustworthy and friendly team at Refresh Property maintenance.

We are of the determination that there is so much more to residential maintenance services than just the technical. Being invited into a person’s home is always a privilege and this is especially the case when entrusted to carry out a service in someone’s home. That’s why we’re the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness.

Our Core Values

Trustworthy & Friendly

It’s important to both you and us that we can trust any service provider we allow into our homes and around our belongings. We need to trust that a service provider is doing conscientious work even when we are not in the same space as them.

We pride ourselves in establishing a culture and integrity that you can trust and rely on. Our reputation is our most valuable asset and that's why we only employ technicians that we would trust to work unsupervised in our own personal home.

Trustworthy and honest team
Highly experienced and professional
Environmentally responsible
Competitively priced
Your success is our success

Services We Offer

Browse the range of services we offer to every residence.
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Window Cleaning

With over 10 years of specialised experience our team will enhance the look and feel of your home through a professional and thorough window cleaning service. Using the latest innovations we carry out our window cleaning service in an efficient timeframe minimising the impact on your day.

We deem it a privilege to enter your home and be entrusted to carry out our services and as such our team carries out the works conscientiously without supervision. Our high quality workmanship and special attention to details will leave your home/property looking revitalised and refreshed.

10 years of specialised experience
Trustworthy, reliable and friendly team
Innovative water-fed pole technology
Environmentally friendly cleaners
Satisfaction guaranteed

Building Softwash

Our Soft washing technique minimises the risks of damage to hard surfaces, during the cleaning process. It’s the perfect service to clean and refresh surfaces such as rendered walls, building fascia and painted bricks extending the surfaces longevity.

Damage-free & professional clean
Experienced & friendly team
Option of natural cleaners
Increases surface longevity
All building heights (via rope access)

Pressure Wash

Our Pressure Wash service uses high-pressure water jets to revitalise soiled hard surfaces, such as cement/concrete, cladding and brick. Our experienced technicians use a pressure washer to methodically remove the surface mould, grime, dust, mud and dirt, leaving a renewed look to your property. Our trained team will advise which surfaces will benefit from this method of cleaning ensuring your property is cleaned damage free every time.

Specific to soiled hard surfaces
Efficient and professional service
Bio-friendly cleaning method
Revitalises your property
All building heights (via rope access)

Gutter Clean & Roofing Services

Gutter cleaning and roofing services are an essential component of property maintenance preventing leaks and other water penetration issues. Our gutter and roofing services provide a holistic and thorough approach ensure meticulous care in the inspection of gutters and downpipes and their subsequent clean. Our holistic approach includes identifying any risks, including roof and gutter fractures and advising you of effective solutions. We’re experienced in providing a scheduled service to ensure optimal drainage and refreshed look.

Experienced and friendly service
Meticulous inspection of roof, gutters & drainage
Thorough clean and repair
Flood and water leak prevention
All building heights (via rope access)

Solar Panel cleaning

We utilise the latest cleaning techniques and technology to ensure a thorough and damage free clean every time. Our technicians are trained to gently apply a soft bristle brush which feeds chemical free and purified water to the glass panel surface. This ensures a thorough clean without abrasive chemicals removing any protective coatings, increasing the optimal performance and longevity of your solar power investment.

Direct return on investment
Innovative techniques and technology
Non-abrasive chemicals or tools
Professional and efficient clean
All building heights (via rope access)

Grafitti Removal

Our Graffiti removal service gently removes all defacement from your property or home. Our technicians carefully identify the target surface and and employ the appropriate removal techniques for a high quality service every time. We use the best industry standard practices and technology to rejuvenate the surface and giving that as new look.

Experienced and highly trained technicians
Industry standard techniques and technology
As new results
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